Social Media Success Tip: Show Up

SM Success Tip_ Show Up.png

A simple key to social media success is ohhhhh so challenging for many of us!!

Consistency with showing up!

I struggle with this and know that many of my clients struggled with this (well, before they hired me...LOL!)

When I meet someone new at a social event, often we'll set up a coffee date to get better acquainted.

We set a time.

I trust that my new acquaintance will show up.

If they don't show up, I wonder...did something bad happen? Did they forget? Or ??

Most often it's just an oops...and we'll schedule another time to meet up.

Oh, no...they don't show up the second time.

What happens now?

While most of us certainly understand, life happens. However, when I reschedule this coffee date for the 3rd time, I will have a few doubts--are they going to show up this time?

It affects my trust of this individual. Can I trust them to show up this time? Not to mention, if this is someone I wish to do business with, I begin to question, can I trust them to with my business?

On the other hand, let's say we both show up.

We chat and get to know each other better.

The start of a relationship.

The KEY to the beginning of this relationship is that we showed up!

Often when it comes to social media--we'll post on a social platform for a day or two, or maybe three...or we'll send an email then life happens and we get busy. The days go by and quickly it's been a week since our last post, or months since our last email.

What I'll often hear at this point from clients, I posted and got no response. I remind them that when we just show up once or even twice, chances are we missed our coffee date. But when we show up consistently our fans (with whom we are trying to develop a relationship with) will know when to expect us. They will show up for our coffee dates.

When we show up consistently we develop trust in us...and our business.

This showing up can be either on our social platforms, with our email newsletters, or with our blogging.

Here are some tips for consistency:

1.   Ask yourself what is realistic for connecting with my fans at this time? 
2.  How much time do I really have to devote to writing emails, blogging or posting on social media? Do I blog/email monthly/biweekly/weekly? How often can I post on social media? 
3.  Once you've evaluated and decided how much time you have, develop a weekly/monthly posting schedule.  
4.  If you are posting to several social platforms, considering using a social posting program like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, etc.
5.  If you don't care for social media, consider outsourcing to a VA or Social Media Manager.

Consistency continues to be one of my biggest struggles for my personal business. Ideally, I love setting aside a few hours on Sunday afternoon for my business marketing, but more often than not, something comes up.

As I review my client's platforms vs my platform, there is a difference. Their businesses are growing because of the consistency and showing up. Mine is more hit and miss...maybe I should hire myself. (LOL!)

How about you? How are you doing with showing up? Do you have any tips that have worked for you for consistency?