Opening Soon: Women's Business Society (Online)

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I am so beyond excited to share with you that the doors to the Women’s Business Society are now open. As most of you know, I love connecting with others, and that is one thing that I have missed since I started working out of my home office.

Oh, how I missed the quick chats at the coffee machine, or bouncing an idea of a coworker.

Introducing: Women’s Business Society & Virtual Co-Working!

If you work from home, or in a solo office, or just a boss babe who is a bit lonely, not to mentioned overwhelmed with juggling all the duties being boss brings…you need to check this out.

If you know me, I’m not a sales person, and I would only share something with you that I 100% believe in and know there is value.

The Women’s Business Society is a virtual co-working, learning, and implementation society.

Not only will there be virtual co-working, there will be online social events, educational opportunities, accountability and assistance from leading experts.

Founders ONLY pricing for my Fresh Impact community, the next 4 days (we want to open to the Founders next Monday) we are offering you all a 50% off discount while we fine-tune all of the pieces of this community. Basically, you are "founders" of the society and help us build it into everything we all need. And the best get to keep the 50% discount even when we open this to the public on June 1st. Provided there are any seats left (we have a limited number of available offices).

Join us in this incredible opportunity to connect, build and grow your business with smart, intelligent women like yourself.