Saturday Business Spotlight featuring Beth Petersen

This week we are featuring
Beth Petersen of Unwind Bodywork

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How long have you been in business?

5 months on my own, 5 years as a Massage Therapist

What is your business all about? (services, products, etc)

I specialize in providing pain relief, injury, and sports recovery by providing Thai Massage.

What makes your business unique?

My work is different from traditional Western style of massage, because it is done fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. I use a lot of mobility, slow compression, and lengthening techniques to improve flexibility, mobility, and get you out of pain.

What made you start your business?

One of my first jobs out of high school was at a group home with adults with developmental and physical disabilities. I believe in empowering individuals to live their lives as independently as possible, and one of the things I noticed was that the physical therapy exercises and stretches gave my clients the physical capabilities of maintaining their independence. I saw a direct correlation between higher mobility being linked to greater independence. I, then spent some time working in nursing homes, and saw the same correlation. I'm a results-oriented person, so I decided to spend my life's work in helping people improve their mobility, which is directly connected with removing their pain. Thai Massage allows me to achieve all of these goals.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful business owner?

Integrity, hard work, and discipline

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to launch their own business? Do the right thing in all circumstances, live by the "golden rule", and work like your life depends on it!

Who has been your greatest inspiration? Or what book has inspired you the most?

I'm inspired by a couple of people in the massage industry, Shawn Kitzman with Sustainable Coaching Practices, and Robert Gardner with Robert Gardner Wellness. They both inspire me in different ways, but equally as much.

How do you conquer those moments of doubt that so often stifle or trip up or stop so many?

I honestly just take a break and do some self care. I stretch, work out, take a bath, or do something completely unrelated to get my mind out of the dark places. Then I get back to work with a fresh face.

Thank you, Beth, for letting us share a bit about you!  

If you’d like to reach out to Beth, here is Beth’s Contact Information.

Company’s Name and Location: Unwind Bodywork, 1800 S Alpine Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57110