Saturday Business Spotlight featuring Tiffany Herderhorst



This week we are featuring
Tiffany Herderhorst of TH Unlimited LLC

How long have you been in business?

It will be two years in July.

What is your business all about? (services, products, etc)

I provide administrative & specialty services to mission-driven entrepreneurs so they can focus on their core business and reach their business goals with a little less stress.

What makes your business unique?

The relationship I have with my clients is what makes my business unique. I take my relationship with clients seriously and the trust my clients put in me. I am adamant about the happiness of my clients and will do what it takes to complete any service request.

What made you start your business?

As a mom of two young children and the wife of a firefighter, working outside the home had started to take it toll on me and my family. The commute was brutal and I was not my best me during the few hours I was with my family at night. I wanted to contribute to our finances but I didn’t want someone else telling me when I could take vacation or worry about my job when my kids were sick or we had doctor appointments. I started to search for ways to work from home and through the help of a fire wife friend discovered the virtual assistant world. I decided to take charge of my own life in pursuit of being the best version of myself I could be as a mom, a wife and be excited about work again. My business ignited a passion and excitement in me I had not experienced in almost 15 years of corporate life. I knew very quickly I had found what I wanted to do not only for me but for my family.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful business owner?

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Tenacity

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to launch their own business?

  • Have a strong support group. Owning a business is not always a bed of roses and it is hard but so worth it for freedom. Having a great support system around you to encourage you to not give up is vital.

  • Dream big.

  • Be passionate about what you want to do. That passion will drive you when times are tough.

Who has been your greatest inspiration? Or what book has inspired you the most? Or what is your favorite book?

Since entering the entrepreneur world, my greatest inspiration has been all the “mompreneurs” I have meant on this journey. At this point all of my clients are women, and the majority are moms. I experience women supporting, encouraging and empowering one another every single day. It is incredible.

My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury. I love all of her books.

How do you conquer those moments of doubt that so often stifle or trip up or stop so many?

I reach out to my support system for encouragement and confidence to keep going.

Thank you, Tiffany, for letting us share a bit about you!  

If you’d like to reach out to Tiffany, here is Tiffany’s Contact Information.

TH Unlimited, Vandalia, IL