Saturday Business Spotlight featuring Emilie Nettinga

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This week we are featuring Emilie Nettinga of Earmark Evaluations

How long have you been in business?

Since October 2018

What is your business all about? 

Earmark Evaluations is a self-governed appraisal service providing knowledgeable and professional opinions of value or worth for every client’s unique piece of personal property. 

What makes your business unique?

I believe that it being the only personal property appraisal service in this area, that specializes in art, musical instruments, antiques, etc makes it unique. 

What made you start your business?

I started Earmark Evaluations because I noticed a very specific need by working within the fine art gallery and musical instrument sectors. I have a strong passion for the creative arts and I wanted to fill an apparent void among art services offered in this area. I also love learning as much as I can everyday and if I get to help clients get value for their belongings, while also learning something new about an art piece or unique instrument, that gives me the fulfillment and what I call the God nod, that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. 

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful business owner?

-Be authentically you

-Leverage your time as much as possible. There is only one you and so much time in a day.

-Do whatever it takes.

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to launch their own business?

-Have authentic grit-a passionate pursuit that uplifts other people

-Have authentic goals that are specifically tailored to you and your business

-Do it scared! Don’t protect yourself from your fears!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

The large group of entrepreneurs in this world that are currently in “taking back their lives, and doing what they love” mode. My future self awaiting me to get on board with this journey also inspires me to follow my instincts. 

Books of inspiration: Magic Lessons, Eat-Pray-Love, You are a Badass-You are a Badass at Making Money

Favorite books: Art history textbooks, non-fiction, factual stories: ie. The Day They Stole the Mona Lisa

Podcasts are also a very big part of my life and “Don’t Keep Your Day Job”-with Cathy Heller has truly changed my life, my perspectives and I owe a lot to entrepreneurs interviewed on the show and Cathy herself for where I am as a new business owner today.

How do you conquer those moments of doubt that so often stifle or trip up or stop so many?

-Trusting and being at peace with God, who is in control and knows that this moment is exactly where I need to be to learn and grow

-Knowing that I am rare and that I was created to do this own unique thing no matter what is going on right now

-Opposite of depression isn’t happiness, its purpose

Thank you, Emilie, for letting us share a bit about you!  

If you’d like to reach out to Emilie, here is Emilie’s Contact Information.

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