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Let’s face it, for many business owners the ins and outs of social media is downright overwhelming and time-consuming, but in the 21st century, you know your online presence is a MUST! It is absolutely the “go-to” resource for people wanting to find out more about you, your products and services.


Choosing the right platforms that best fit your client base –where your tribe hangs out—can be challenging and delivering a cohesive message that increases brand recognition and drives traffic (translating to more sales) is daunting to most discerning business owners.


Set the Stage for a Deeper Level of Connection with Your Tribe.

When you work with Kim and the Fresh Impact team, you can rest assured you are getting a well thought out strategy that will transform your social message into one that resonates with YOUR audience –helping you keep clients coming back for more!

 Whether you are interested in learning “how” to manage your own social media, have a team that simply needs some training, or need a full-service provider who can take your content up a notch,

Fresh Impact has the solution for you.

You choose

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We all know, joining social media platforms is the easy part. Finding the time to craft a social strategy and manage all aspects of content creation that will ignite your visibility is where it gets tricky.

According to a survey, companies with “planned” social strategies were

2x more likely to experience growth.

The bottom-line is your customers are on social media and YOUR message matters!

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As a Certified Visual Marketing Specialist, a Social Media Specialist and Branding Strategist, Kim (with the help of her team) will help you up-level your content –creating more engagement through shareable and relevant posts –ultimately impacting conversions and sales.

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Build Your Brand Awareness…

Engage and Impress Your Audience … Increase Your Social Media Engagement … Amplify Your Social Campaigns … Alleviate the Stress of Social Management with Customized Social Media Marketing Solutions …

 Fresh Impact works with …

A Wide Range of Businesses with Large & Small Budgets

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From Facebook to Pinterest, we take the stress out of social media management by offering innovative, creative and customized social media marketing solutions for our clients.