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As part of our commitment to providing resources to small business owners,
we are offering the following products and resources.

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grow your biz with social media Facebook group

The Grow YOUR Biz with Social Media Facebook Group "FREE", is a community of business owners who want to use social media in such a way that is fresh, authentic and impactful. Our hope for this group is that it would not only be a place where you can gather together in community with other business owners, but that it would also be a place where valuable tips and resources are shared to help you #MakeAnImpact online and in your sphere of influence. Each week, we will provide you with discussion starters, social media tips and lots of other fun stuff.

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LinkedIn Quick Guide

LinkedIn is all about providing VALUE to others. Give more than you take. Download our LinkedIn Quick Tip Guide to learn more on how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile, along with some daily action tips. 

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Linkedin Planner

In this planner you'll learn how to set up and optimize  your LinkedIn account, find and connect with your ideal clients, learn about LinkedIn groups, and learn how to publish content and promote your products.