"The recommendations you have given my company for our social media plan far exceeded my expectations. It is wonderful to have a step by step approach to our strategy. The level of understanding that you have taken upon yourself to know about my specific industry has really shown me that you are commiteted to our performance and reaching our goals."
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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few of our commonly asked questions. 

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For most small-business owners, one of the top challenges they face in today’s digital world is knowing how to effectively use social media as a marketing tool.

When you have a million other things to do in your day, finding time to stay up to date on the ever changing social media trends probably isn’t happening.

Let’s Do This Together!

In our guide, the Top 5 Social Media Tips to Make Your Message Matter, we share quick, actionable tips that will help you more fully engage with your audience, maximize the impact of your message and increase your brand awareness!

How soon will I see results from my investment?

We like to remind our clients that social media is the long game. Typically, it can take up to 6 months before you see a noticeable impact.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Our goal is to grow with you as your business grows. So, yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

How long am I committed to working with Fresh Impact?

Social media isn't a sprint. A key to success is consistent, regular and authentic content and engagement. As this takes time, we request all of our contracts be a minimum of 3 months.

Do you work with a limited budget?

Yes, we understand and respect the budgets of our clients. During our initial conversation, we will discuss your goals and services we can offer according to your budget. For those clients with low budgets, we offer 1:1 consults and training so you can feel confident to step in the online space.

Are the custom graphics mine to keep?

Yes, all content created by Fresh Impact on your behalf is yours to keep and reuse in the future.