Our Mission: To inspire businesses to connect, communicate and build relationships with their customers through innovative and creative social media marketing. 

Why choose Fresh Impact?

Fresh Impact Social Marketing is the perfect intersection of the high quality marketing assistance you deserve, the individualized attention you appreciate, and the budget-conscious pricing you need.

We will be available to you and your company in the way only a small business can be, providing that one-on-one attention that will help you to catapult your social marketing forward. We understand the struggle of new technology and trends, and are therefore intentional about breaking the process down into small, actionable steps for you. You will not be left to “figure it out” alone.

We will also be sensitive about your budget. You won’t see us trying to up-sell our services just to make an extra buck. That just isn’t the way we do business. We value the relationships we have with our customers, and those long-term relationships are sustained through a business model that always seeks to solve problems for you.

We will never claim to be the best social marketing company in the entire world, because there are a lot of fantastic services available, but we will promise to work hard, give our best and provide a truly quality service. This is a promise upheld not only by Kim, the founder, but by every team member who calls Fresh Impact home.